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Personalized necklace, bracelet, choker -  Wire Jewelry
Handmade Personalized Wire Jewelery

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

14K yellow gold Wire Name

This bright shiny 14K yellow gold wire name will be a lifetime.
Handmade in 20 gauge 14K gold wire and the weight of this name Kaitlyn  is 2.488 grams or 1.6 dwt (pennyweight).
Size 1.25" length and  0.5" high.
Necklace or choler not included.
Actual prices depend on the wire weight and current market value of the precious metal.
Approximate cost $170.00
Order link page:

 Personalized name Kaitlyn in 14k gold wire  collar neck-wire necklace

14k gold wire, Personalized name Shug and choker collar neck-wire necklace

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